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The Beginning: TPS Associates, Inc. The company was founded by Messrs. Jong Lee and Robert Copley in 1995. Respectively, they hold the positions of President and Vice-president. TPS Associates, Inc. is dedicated to applying its functional expertise toward producing logistics software tools that help streamline the acquisition process.

Recognized Leader: TPS Associates, Inc. is a recognized industry leader in logistic software development. One of our primary strengths is an in-depth functional knowledge of the field of logistics. TPS Associates, Inc.'s command of supportability concepts is evident in its software tools. Instead of simply automating military specifications or handbooks, the software design philosophy focuses on providing the user with powerful decision making tools as well as state-of-the-art data management systems.

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Award Winning:TPS Associates, Inc. has been awarded the Defense Certificate of Recognition for Acquisition Innovation, in March, 1997, for NavPLAN. To use their words, "NavPLAN is an ideal tool for development of maintenance plans for all manner of new and existing equipment... It has proved to be effective in substantially lowering acquisition costs for essential logistics data products... NavPLAN automatically generates more than sixty percent of a plan's technical content... an average 75% reduction in hours required to develop a maintenance plan." 

Goal:TPS Associates, Inc.'s goal is to provide revolutionary, state-of-the-art software tools that help streamline costs in the spirit of acquisition reform. It is focused on tools that save significant amounts of time and money for its customers. NavPLAN and NavPRO, both excellent examples of our vision, and soon to be joined by MaxIMPORT, are the first products in a software toolkit called TPSuite.

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